Beating-your-wife Bill (in Pakistan)

Things cannot get worse in Pakistan. End of May 2016, a 75-page bill was proposed by the Islamic Council of Pakistan allowing husbands to lightly beat’ their wives as a form of discipline.

According to Pakistan’s Express Tribune newspaper, “[a] husband should be allowed to lightly beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires; turns down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.”

It doesn’t end here. A wife can also be beaten if she ‘does not wear a hijab, if she interacts with strangers, speaks too loudly or gives others cash without her husband’s permission.’

I guess Muslim scholars in Pakistan have finally come to an understanding of Nushuz!


It comes as no surprise that religious clerics in Pakistan have proposed this bill since the instructions to beat one’s wife are explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an. What is terrifying is the thought that the state can now potentially sponsor wife-beating. It’s more than evident that this bill will only increase domestic violence in an already violent, male-dominated and male chauvinistic Pakistani society. The Pakistani constitution already suppresses the rights to religious freedom and has done little to support the rights of minorities. This will be yet another potential law in Pakistan to take it back to 6th century Arabia.

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