Destroying Pakistan

Khurram Zaki, a prominent activist from Karachi, Pakistan, was shot dead in Karachi, on May 7, 2016 late Saturday night local time.

Khurram Zaki was an outspoken of critic of and ‘campaigning against both religious extremism and the head cleric of a radical Sunni mosque.’

He was also the editor of the website and Facebook page Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) with the stated aim to “spread liberal religious views and condemn extremism in all forms”.

Police are investigating his case and it’s too early to claim the reasons on which he was killed. However, it’s a no-brainer on why he was killed. Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, a close friend of the slain activist, told Al Jazeera that Zaki believed in “zoning in the nexus of the enablers of violence [and] spoke freely against the anti-Shia lobby”.

The extremist elements in Pakistan are out there to silence all progressive voices. Last year, in April 2015, Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead for organizing a talk on a politically sensitive subject. The situation isn’t any better today.


Anyone who speaks against mainstream Sunni Islam and shows support for religious minorities such as Shias, Ahmadis and Christians is not safe in Pakistan. There is no room for disagreement and liberal voices. Islam is time and again proving to be the source of violence and extremism. In a video I shared in a previous post, Christopher Hitchens said that Islam claims to be the last message from God. This itself is a straight away temptation to violence. The extremists are destroying Pakistan and sadly, the future looks bleak.

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