Escape from Pakistan

My friend’s cousin was recently shot in Karachi, Pakistan. His name was Saulat Hussain but was also known as Billo Bhai. He was ‘mercilessly martyred  on May 22, 2015 outside his house in front of his 10 year old son.


My friend was rightly outraged by this horrific killing. She updated her Facebook status:

We grieve. Shattered. Broken. We are all in shock.

Many a times have we cried with our shia brothers and sisters. Many a times have we shared the sorrow. And today it has happened in our family.

We cry and remember the great martyr of all martyrs Iman Hussain (pbuh) and gather strength keeping in mind the events of Karbala.

Billoo Bhai couldn’t enter his own house. He was shot by cowards right in front of his ten year old. How cheap was life for these people? Valueless. They have shattered a big family, all onlooking Billoo Bhai for support.

These killings will not stop. These beasts in human form shall burn in the lowest levels of hell.

The banned, terrorist organization, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan was responsible for his killing, as per SK-Pak News. This mad violence in Pakistan does not seem to be going down. The situation is only getting worse, every passing day. Time and again, Islam seems to be poisoning everything and the government seems to care less. An Urdu phrase has become quite popular since the last few years to describe the abysmal situation of the country. Pakistan se zinda bhaag: escape alive from Pakistan.

In fact, a few years ago, the then Pakistani prime minister, Yousuf Gillani, was informed about a Gallup poll in a CNN interview. During the last 15 seconds of the interview, Becky Anderson said that ‘a third of Pakistanis want to leave the country.’

To this, the Pakistani premier said the following:

And why don’t they leave then? Who’s stopping them?

The interviewer was left speechless. This is the kind leadership Pakistanis have to put up with since quite sometime. When the government is not interested in helping and protecting the citizens of Pakistan and is, in fact, encouraging people to leave the country, what more can possibly be said.

Pakistan is no place for Shias, Ahmadis, Ismailis, Christians, Hindus and any free-thinking, open-minded liberal, who does not subscribe to the puritanical, conservative, state-supported version of Islam.

Islam is a mess that needs a thorough sorting and cleansing. But Islam in Pakistan is more than just a mess: it’s an evil that needs eradication. Until that happens, the only option left is to Pakistan se zinda bhaag.


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