One by one

Another professor of my alma mater, Dr. Syed Wahidur Rehman, was killed a few days ago. His body was riddled with bullets. Why was he murdered? In a lawless country like Pakistan, asking this question is pointless. As always, people are only left speculating.


Some believe he may have been killed because he belonged to the Shia sect. Other’s speculate that his death can be linked to assassination of Dr. Shakeel Auj, who was killed last year. Whatever may be the reason, the situation is not improving.

In fact, within 30 days, 3 assassinations have occurred in Karachi. Sabeen Mahmud, the director of T2F, Masood Hamid, the marketing director of  The Dawn Media Group and Dr. Rehman of University of Karachi. It’s been more than a year and the killers of Rashid Rehman, the lawyer who was fighting for a victim of blasphemy, are still at large.

At this point in my life, I am finding it rather hard to write about the inhumane killings going on in my country. There seems no light at the end of the tunnel. Pakistan is going to the dogs. There is absolutely no sense of security for an average Pakistani citizen.

I am at least glad that New York Times picked up this news and there is at least some concern in the West about the situation back home. The least that can be done, in times like these, is to openly condemn the perpetrators of this incident. It is about time that more and more Pakistanis rise up against the growing lawlessness in the country, speak against the hatred spewed by religious and political people and organizations and be ready to face on these cowards head on. Enough is enough!

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