Oh, Islam is Islam and Humor is Humor, and never the twain shall meet!

One of the saddest and most unfortunate facts about religion in Pakistan is that it lacks humor. Moreover, it is one aspect of our culture that is immune to mockery and satire. Well, it’s not cent percent true. People do often indulge in light-hearted religious jokes but only within the cozy confines of their living rooms. One surely does not public one’s comic opinions/views about religion.

The extent to which religions can be subject to humor is debatable (if they are, at all, to be made fun of). Given the fact that we live in a country where everything from politics to music to sports to economics is joked around, where ethnic groups are stereotyped based on their weird accents and laughable antics, I wonder what prevents people from poking some fun at religion?

Let me turn everyone’s attention to the Emam Kotba video on Youtube. Someone has played (what in my opinion is) just a childish prank, dubbing the video of the Majlis of Imam Hussain with Boom Boxx’s catchy number “Balla Da Li.”

I find it to be an inane act that is controversially hilarious. It does, however, offend the Shi’ite sensibility. Even hardcore moderates found the video to be repulsively shocking and utterly disgraceful. My contention is this:
The video does not make fun of the Panjatan Pak or of the Divine Revelation or anything that is considered sacrosanct in anyway. In my opinion, it rather makes fun of the theatrics that have unfortunately come to characterize the Majalis and have made a mockery out of the sacred sacrifices made by the Islamically revered personalities.

If my analysis is correct, I fail to understand what is it then that makes people so angry about it?

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